Update- I am sorry to say I missed an important detail about staying at the select Disney Springs resorts. The 60 day FastPasses are only guaranteed if you book your trip through the Disney travel agency or an official Disney travel agency.

I have edited this post to correct inaccuracies.

Some of the biggest advantages to staying on Disney Properties were just extended to Shades of Green (an on property resort for the military) and the Disney Springs area hotels. Beginning in January you can have 60 day window for FastPasses and Disney Parks Magic Hours. If you are staying at Shades of Green you will link your reservation number to the My Disney Experience Account. If you are staying at one of the participating Disney Springs hotels, you need to book that reservation online through Disney, or use a Disney Travel agent.

Using a service like Travelocity or calling the resorts directly will NOT ensure you will be able to reserve your FastPasses 60 days before you arrive.

Here is a list of the participating Disney Springs Area Hotels-

  • B Resort and Spa
  • Best Western lake Buena Vista Resort
  • DoubleTree Guest Suites by Hilton Orlando
  • Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista Palace
  • Hilton orlando Resort Lake Buena Vista
  • Holiday Inn Orlando
  • Wyndham Lake Buena Vista
  • Wyndham Garden Lake Buena Vista

My Disney Experience

If you do not have a My Disney Experience Account, you will need one. This account is on the web and an app for the phone. MDE is where you book dining reservations, make FastPasses, and it has great features that tell you wait times, where to meet characters, and allows you to order at quick service dining locations.  Register for an account online at disneyworld.disney.go.comРthen the My Disney Experience link is on the right side of the menu. You can also register by downloading the app to your phone or tablet.

If you are staying at Shades of Green, you will need to link your confirmation number to your My Disney Experience account.

Once you have an MDE account, you are ready to link.

  • Have your resort confirmation number ready and go to your My Disney Experience account.
  • Wait 24 hours after making the reservation before liking to MDE
  • Click on My Reservations and Tickets- if online
  • If in the app, go to My Account, look at My Plans and tap Link Hotel
  • Then your reservation will show up in your plans.

What Else do I Need to Get the FastPasses?


There are many ways to purchase tickets.

  • On Disney’s website
  • Undercovertourist.com (for a discount, I trust them)
  • Military can purchase tickets on base at the Tickets and Tourism office or through Shades of Green.

    Shades of Green is so close to Disney’s Polynesian Resort there is a walking path between them, making the monorail very convenient.

Make sure you have ordered your tickets with plenty of time to get them linked to your account before you are 60 days from your arrival!

When you have tickets- use the same steps as linking the resort reservation using the number on the ticket.

After they have been linked, you are in the system and when you are 60 days from arrival you are ready to book FastPasses.

Did this feel like a lot?

Using a travel agent means they will take care of all of it for you- for free!

If you are staying at a Disney Springs Hotel I recommend  Exclusive Travel Partners and they can set you up with reservations, tickets and link it all up for you. Then they will even book your FastPasses! For Free! exclusivetravelpartners.com

If you are staying at Shades of Green it is a fabulous and convenient resort, but you can not use a travel agent.

One Last Thing!

Magic Bands! These resorts do not send you MagicBands. If you purchase MagicBands at the Disney Store online before you leave, or at the parks, you may still link them to your MDE account, (directions for that are included in the MagicBand package). They will allow you to enter the park, and use them for your FastPasses and a Disability Access Pass (DAS pass) if you qualify for one. They will not act as a room key or credit card. I happen to think they are much easier than pulling tickets out of your bag or a lanyard all of the time- but that is a personal choice.

If You Use An ECV- Do Your Homework

The Disney Springs Resort Hotels have limited access to shuttles that accommodate ECV’s. They all have SOME access, but it’s typically only one of their shuttles, and it only accommodates one ECVat a time. The Disney Transportation accommodates two carts or chairs on every bus. This may mean you will choose to drive- parking at the resorts and Disney have a daily parking fee.

Are you excited to have these benefits at the neighboring hotels? Have you stayed at any of them? Please comment below!